9.5 miles Urban hike

Big news first. I am going to move in 3 weeks. That’s why I decided to walk in the city I’ve been living in for the last 7 years a couple more times again before I leave.
But this time I am going to explore the area around my city. IMG_20160821_1655077_rewind[1]

One mile away from home my little journey began on a field way. The clouds where big and dark and I feared that I had to stop and go back home before I even started because it looked like it was just about to rain. But I was lucky and the skies cleared up some 30 minutes later.

The field unfortunately resulted in a dead and I had to go half the way back only to find myself running into another dead end. Seriously, there are way too many dead ends here! 😤

Exhausted and somewhat demotivated I decided to go near the city central. There was a little park that had about the size of a football field. The first thing I noticed when entering the park was the smell of cigarettes, french fries and goat shit from a zoo with a restaurant near the park.IMG_20160822_1223215_rewind[1]

So if any of you couch potatoes ever gets asked to get out to get some fresh air, I recommend to stay at home and simply open the window.
However, due to the park being so small, all of the bench seats have already been taken so I simply took out my cardigan, placed it anywhere down in the gras and sat down for a little break. As I mentioned in a previous blog post I love walking, but I am simply bad at it because my feet would always hurt after 2 hours.
Around 10 minutes later I decided to check out an abandoned railroad. I know where it’s theoretically leading to but this is actually the first time I am walking directly on it.


I admit I was a bit scared of it and everytime I heard a big car I thought it was a train and then jumped off the rail immediately.
I kept walking, but the situation of my feet became worse with every mile I walked on the rails, so I decided to quit my route for today and go back home. Since I haven’t packed lunch or took any money with me to buy some food this was probably for the best anyway.

If the weather is fine tomorrow and my body is fit again, I’m going to walk the second part of my route, leading to the beach.

Stay tuned and don’t forget to attack mondays with a big fat smile. 😁



Seeking nature

Ever since childhood I loved to go out and explore everything around me and go as far as my feet would take me and ever since childhood I never came far because my feet would hurt pretty soon.

Nowadays I still like to go for a walk. Unfortunately it would take me a good one hour foot marsh to even get to a place whithout masses of cars and motor bikes racing along right next to me. However, even if I get to a nice place that has at least some gras and trees on the left and the right side it’s never quiet.

On a hot summer day like it was today, there are tons of couples with dogs and kids who had the same idea like me and spent their spare time at the same “this is not nature but at least it looks green”-esque place and keep chatting, persuading, yelling, shouting, crying, barking and whatever form of communication which makes noise you could imagine.

Project “seeking peace and silence in nature for a couple hours” is still in progress.

Looking at these pictures I took, I wish I would still be there. Being back home feels like walking back into a cage…a cage with food, a shower and a cozy bed though.

Have you ever heard about the Appalachian Trail? It’s a 3000km trail from Georgia to Maine. These people sure enjoy a lot of silence. Then again I wonder why these people do that and if a 3 day hike isn’t sufficient.

Hm, I think I’ll write about it next time. Thanks for reading and have a good start into the next week.