Crickets and the sound of summer

The crickets are chirping like a bug orchestra in this warm summer night. Even though I am used to them they sometimes catch me off guard and rip off my current thoughts and make me focus on them and their familiar sound. A sound that reminds me of campfires at the beach, barbecues and long walks through the night.

So I decide to turn the lights off and put a little candle on my windowsill and reminisce.


Yes, this is something that makes me happy. This is the peace I was looking for. I enjoy my little candle light a little longer and put on a cardigan as the air gets colder.
I can’t prevent a laugh. I actually drifted off to a point where I would go on a camping trip with my partner realizing that I would probably run around wildly because a horde of mosquitoes would hunt me all day and night long.
Yep, that’s exactly me: Loving nature to the point when it attacks me ruthlessly.

And so I spend my Sunday evening at the window with a mosquito net saving me from those little vampires and listen to the loudest cricket orchestra one has ever heard.


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