Introducing this blog and myself

Hi, I am Fenrya and this is my lifestyle blog.
I thought that participating in a weekly wordpress challenge might be a good way to start off here and at the same time the theme is a good chance to introduce myself.

So I made this little sketch of myself which is by far from perfect but it is the first time I did a digital sketch of myself as well as this is my first wordpress entry so I think it fits the situation very well.

2016-08-14 10-10-47.615I am full of contrasts.
I am shy and speechless at first glance but then turn out to be very direct and full of weird thoughts I share with everyone wether they want to hear them or not.
I love tank tops but start freezing as soon as I take off my “home pyjama”.
I’m full of emotion yet my face seems to be unable of showing them.
I love reading, but I’m too lazy to read a book.
I love watching the sunrise very early in the morning…as well as sleeping till lunch.

But all in all everything kinda works for me and I don’t need many things to be happy – or do I?

Stay tuned to find out about me and maybe a bit about yourself.




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